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Cruzeiro Chicago Soccer Club

Welcome to Cruzeiro Chicago Soccer Club, our youth soccer program is dedicated for all kids who want to play and learn soccer with the most highly trained soccer coaches from Brazil.

We believe that proper coaching technique enhance the soccer IQ of the players and feel that is tremendous for the future of our soccer players. Each training session is designed to help players achieve their maximum potential through progressive exercises that are age appropriate and individually and developmentally challenging.

Our goals are endless and so will our dedication to the families and club members. Cruzeiro has a superb training program and this is our chance to shine. We have been under the radar with our training talents and other clubs have received the benefits of that. Cruzeiro promotes good sportsmanship, teamwork, achievement and excellence, self-confidence and fun for the players and their families through the game of soccer. Please reply back if you can attend the meeting and hope to see you there.

Thank you,

Wally Hansan

President Cruzeiro USA